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The Midwest Tribal Energy Resources Association (MTERA), with support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and RENEW Wisconsin, will be hosting a four-day virtual conference on April 27-30, 2021. The theme for the event is Tribes at the Energy Forefront. Hear from Tribal leaders, federal and state agencies, educators, and energy industry experts as they discuss successful Tribal energy projects, state and federal energy policy, and strategic energy planning to help Tribes advance beneficial energy initiatives. Registration is FREE!

DAY 1 • National Tribal Energy


Day One will spotlight policies and programs across the nation. Several appointed agency leaders will describe their agency's energy vision and what Tribes can expect. Representatives from the Department of Energy, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Department of Agriculture will bring us up to speed on their plans, projects, and ideas for the coming years. The day will end with a lively conversation between key regional inter-tribal organizations dedicated to advancing Tribal interests in sovereignty and self-determination, with an eye toward energy policy and perseverance.

DAY 2 • Midwest Tribal Energy


Day Two will focus on the Midwest! Attendees will hear from the Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes and the Great Lakes Intertribal Council about their roles amongst Midwest Tribes and how they strive to protect and preserve cultures and self-governance. Speakers representing Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin will chat about their current initiatives and Tribal partnerships. Several secondary educational and nonprofit organizations will join the last two panels to discuss how they are jump-starting workforce development in the energy industry and how Tribes can access their services.

DAY 3 • MTERA Initiatives 


MTERA brings together Tribes to create a strong Tribal energy network, provide energy assistance to Member Tribes, and pursue collective action projects. Day Three highlights these key areas. The day will start with a presentation about climate change and how it impacts Tribes. We will then hear from our Member Tribes and partners about energy projects they are pursuing on Tribal lands throughout the Midwest and several collective action initiatives MTERA is leading. Last but not least, MTERA's Associate Members will end the day by sharing their energy visions and how they are helping our Member Tribes find energy solutions.

DAY 4 • NREL Tribal Solar Initiative Workshops

FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021

Day Four will include small-group workshops for participants to discuss specific strategies for reducing regulatory barriers to Tribal solar initiatives. NREL will be leading the discussion in four separate conversations, and each talk will focus on a specific barrier preventing many Tribes from meeting their solar-electric production goals. Please lend your ears and thoughts to one or more of these conversations to give the NREL-MTERA team direction in developing their recipes for broader solar deployment. These workshops are part of the MTERA-NREL Tribal Solar Initiative working to address regulatory barriers to solar deployment.